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The Path Of Raja Yoga 

Nearly all of us are at least vaguely aware, that yoga can improve our health and well-being on some level.


Some of us might know yoga has a deep spiritual history associated with it, both physically and philosophically.


For nine years I studied this ancient form of spiritual knowledge before I received the calling to delve deeper into what the discipline involves.

Late in 2022, I met an Indian Raja Yoga Master Yogi named Swamiji Kapri.


His mission is to restore an undistorted version of this profoundly spiritual yoga that can help people achieve control over the mind and emotions.


After meeting him it became apparent that we shared many common goals, and I was fortunate enough to learn from him sharing his interpretations of this ancient yoga.

Early in 2023, I traveled to Swamiji's Himalayan campus in the far north of India. There I undertook an intense period of training which resulted in me achieving a Yoga Alliance recognised qualification to teach yoga. You can view my Yoga Alliance profile HERE.


Although I could call myself a yoga teacher or instructor, after embracing Swamiji's philosophy I would prefer to say that I am a yoga sharer.

Following the path of Raja yoga is a lifelong pursuit of continual learning. Referring to myself as a teacher gives the impression that I have possibly completed the journey.


It also creates a hierarchical relationship in which it is natural to assume the student knows less than me. To keep my mind clear of these illusions I have decided I will not teach yoga, instead I will share it.

As part of this pledge to share, I have committed myself to offering as many FREE in-person and online yoga sessions as possible. You can keep track of when and where these sessions will be on the BOOK ONLINE page. 

Raja yoga has a deep emphasis on understanding and mastering control of the mind. I believe now, more than ever, many people could benefit from these ancient principles. 

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