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Interpreting The Path To Hidden Knowledge 

Panoptic Meditation

Magic Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, Ayahuasca, perhaps you have heard of these mind-altering substances? Maybe you have watched some of the various Netflix documentaries? Perhaps it's possible that you are one of the growing numbers of people worldwide who have worked with these magical plants and fungi.

Whatever your experience or personal views on the subject, no one can deny the current renewed public and academic interest surrounding these ancient compounds. Society and governments are beginning to wake up to these spiritual molecules' profound healing potential. For example, did you know that globally, several government-backed studies have recently been approved to study the potential health benefits of psychedelics? 

During the spring and summer of 2022, I was invited to participate in a study carried out by Johns Hopkins University, the object of which, was to research the spiritual aspects of psilocybin. I believe it is essential to raise awareness of the aspects science overlooks concerning psychedelics and plant medicine, and I was proud to play a small part in sharing my experience. Many of the current research studies aim to learn how psilocybin (magic mushrooms) can effectively treat many mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. But I believe that right now, there is a lack of consideration for the spiritual changes working with these compounds can trigger. 


Alongside this, we are seeing a rise in filmmakers creating documentaries following people who choose to work with these ancient medicines. Over in the U.S., some states have started to legalise magic mushrooms. Awareness of DMT, machine elves, and Ayahuasca is at all-time highs throughout the West. It certainly feels like significant change is upon us.

Today, as many people know, we live in a world underpinned by scientific principles. This approach to understanding our universe has led to beautiful developments that have immeasurably enhanced all of our lives. Over the last century, scientific study has resulted in us living longer, more comfortable lives. At its core, science works by studying what is observable and measurable. Typically once an observation is made, it is measured by repeating some form of experiment.

However, I believe the current interest in psychedelics will be severely limited by using a scientific study model. Taking a purely physical, analytical strategy to these magical plants disregards the deeply personal unobservable effects people experience. Science cannot measure a visual distortion, nor can it verify or interpret the connection to consciousness outside of its own.   

Since 2015 I have visited the Amazon in Peru almost every year. I have been fortunate to study and work with these unique, mystical plants and mushrooms during my time there. I have studied with Shamans, healers, and experts in the complete interpretation of how these plants can help and enhance a person's life. 

My experience has taught me the complete life cycle of mushrooms, from spore to fruit, and the many ways they can transform an individual's life. I have worked extensively with the large family of medicinal plants fondly referred to as "master plants," of which Ayahuasca is one member. Over the years, I have sat in many traditional shamanic ceremonies and learned how to interpret the various physically unobservable visions a person can experience. 

I am excited that the West is beginning to wake up to what is possible with these ancient compounds. It is my hope that we will eventually begin to see a union between modern pharmaceutical practice and the ancient knowledge that still exists in a few select places globally. 

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