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A Thousand Days Difference

This time three years ago we hadn’t met, in fact I wasn’t on social media and didn’t even have a mobile phone. At that time I was experimenting with how the new ideas I had been learning over the previous years could benefit all of us. I was wandering through this world relatively content to continue experiencing the moment without little concern for the future.

This time two years ago a lot had changed, I received some specific guidance in the autumn of 2018 while on my yearly trip to Peru. I came home ready to work in new ways, I acquired my very own smart phone and opened a few social media accounts. It is entirely possible a few of you might have met me by this point.

This time last year I was beginning to work online more frequently. My social media accounts had grown a modest following and I had gained some attention from the release of my first book, The Theory Of You. As the world was entering into various lockdowns I was beginning to meet more and more of you. As I got to know you it started to become clear how rewarding the move from obscurity towards increased connectedness was going to be.

Each morning I spoke on facebook live you spoke back, and by working with you all I started to discover the things that drive you. I began to learn how you navigate your lives and what of my experience interests you the most.

So, over the last year as we worked together more frequently, I decided to add new messages on different platforms to help address your questions about this reality. We released a second edition of The Theory Of You, launched a podcast and started uploading talks to YouTube.

What I discovered is many of you like to hear about a variety of topics in different ways. This is why I have decided to launch a Blog, the purpose is simple, to offer another outlet to answer you questions in different ways to what you hear from me elsewhere.

Many of you want to hear my opinions on various current affairs and although we address some of this on The Jeremiah Scott Podcast, I always hold a little bit back. Therefore, this Blog will go a little deeper, it will be a place where I offer some of my more personal opinions on some of the challenges we all face today.

1000 days ago life was very different, I am so grateful for everything that has changed in that time and I look forward to the next 1000 days with excitement. Love to you all :)

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Apr 15, 2021

I'm so glad you got your very own smartphone 🙏❤️😁


Unknown member
Mar 17, 2021

I joined your group in Sept, it is the best decision i have ever made. So happy you are doing this and so grateful for everything you do. You're the best 😀xx


Tina Knight
Tina Knight
Mar 16, 2021

We started communicating on February 4th 2019. It has been a pleasure, your a very nice person who has a good energy, and your reading was spot on. Thank you Jeremiah.

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