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Jeremiah Scott

How's your life?

It sounds like a simple enough question, but how often do you ask yourself what you're actually thinking and feeling about life? 

Personally, I feel that our world is full of seemingly endless tasks, and many of these distract us from truly reflecting on the importance of this question.

Over the last nine years, in my search to understand the modern human world, I developed an approach to exploring consciousness through meditation, spiritualism, yoga, and various forms of plant medicine.


This journey has taken me on a spiritual pathway, combining my personal experience with the teachings of Amazonian Shamans, European Spiritualists, and Indian Yogis.

Since 2015 I have been blessed to travel and study with various different spiritual leaders from across the world. I frequently visited the Amazon rainforest to learn plant medicine and traditional shamanism. More recently I was able to train as a Raja Yoga facilitator in the Indian Himalayas.

I chose to do all of this because I realised that to discover the truth while dismissing distortions and Chinese whispers, we must go to the source of where an idea originated.

Eventually, I started to see that the more I can learn from others with authentic first-hand knowledge, the more is revealed about myself. This also taught me that the more I know about myself, the more I can share with others.

Nearly ten years after starting down this pathway, I find that my entire life is committed to developing a system of living that allows me to live a truly fulfilling, spiritually focused life.


While at home in the U.K., I work with highly-skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable spiritual tutors to continue developing my unique philosophical understandings. I try to share this freely with as many people as possible wherever appropriate.


My mix of Amazonian knowledge, European spiritual ideas, Indian Yogic philosophy, and natural interpretation has allowed me to form spiritual ideas that I believe have not been explained elsewhere. I believe this type of self-equity is more important than ever against the backdrop of such a deeply fractured and frustrated society.


These lessons have helped me to shape and refine my understanding of what I believe it is to be human. Advancing my knowledge of how we perceive reality through the mind's eye has helped me to answer some deep questions many of us have regarding our existence.

Buddha taught us that life is suffering, Raja yoga philosophy taught me that all suffering comes from attachment to the physical body. Ayahuasca taught me that to alleviate my own suffering I must reduce the suffering of others. Pysilocbin teacher entities taught me if I wish to learn how to live correctly, I must discover how to fight correctly.


Recently, I have been privileged to share some of these concepts on the public stage. Throughout 2019 I regularly appeared on a spiritual TV show which aired on Sky TV in the UK. In the summer of 2021, I was invited to give a philosophical talk for a mental health outreach charity event regarding the sensitive topic of male suicide. This year I plan to take that important work further by launching a charitable company with a mandate to help in this area.  

Late in 2020, I founded the Jeremiah Scott Podcast. I am proud to share that the show has ranked number one in the spirituality categories of six different countries. In the spring of 2022, I participated in a study by Johns Hopkins University that aimed to investigate the spiritual aspects of psilocybin usage. My podcast covers some of the insights I have gained during those journeys, you can listen to recent episodes below.

My first book, The Theory of You: A Guide To Awakening Personal Spiritual Enlightenment, details some of this journey and is available to purchase now.


The book has been called "Most Exceptional, Awesome, Inspirational and Life-Changing." It offers fresh and unseen insights into your purpose and place within this universe while revealing powerful strategies to overcome the blocks that often halt personal development.  

In addition to my personal work and studies, I am proud to have been invited to join the executive committee of the I.S.M. This is a charitable, spiritual governing body based in the U.K. that was formed in 1956. I hope to use this role to continue expanding my spiritual work while meeting new like-minded people.

The Jeremiah Scott Podcast


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